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Michelle Obama Surfaces – Makes TERRIFYING Announcement

While Barack Obama was running this country, or better said, ruining this country, his wife Michelle Obama has angered and offended many people.

The biggest problem is that even after Barack Obama’s presidency was ended, she kept a public profile filled with many negative statements.

It would be way better for everyone if she just pulled back and kept quiet.

However, we all know that this won’t be the case with Michelle. According to Yahoo News, the former first lady is planning to serve as the keynote speaker at the WorkHuman® 2017 conference in Phoenix, Arizona, which is scheduled to start from May 30th and finish on June 1st.

On Thursday, Globoforce®, which is the leading provider of social recognition solutions, proclaimed her decision.

The CEO of Globoforce, Eric Mosley stated: “Michelle Obama has inspired us in every sense of the word. As First Lady, she was wholeheartedly dedicated to the human cause – striving to uplift others, improve the quality of life for people around the world, and giving a voice to the people who often go unheard.”

“She has long recognized the importance of diversity of ideas and people, and the fundamental need for people to feel valued and appreciated. We are honored to host such a strong leader–Michelle Obama’s energy and passion will help propel the WorkHuman movement and inspire top senior HR leaders in the world to create more human workplaces where employees feel a sense of belonging and can be their most authentic selves,” Mosley added.

It can be said that this was expected. She has probably plotted a way to sneak into the politics. It is still not clarified what her true attention is, but it is probably a move against President Trump. However, the people know who to listen, and Michelle Obama isn’t among those people.

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