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Brit Hume Just Asked Lib New York Times 1 Question That Exposed Their Biggest Lie

Brit Hume is best known for his sharp, straightforward reporting on the air on Fox News. However, Hume has proved time and time again that he is just as insightful and cutting off the air on his Twitter account.

Brit showed this recently when the New York Times announced that 36-year-old A.G. Sulzberger would be taking over the reins of the New York Times from his father. A.G. introduced himself to his paper’s readers in a column where he claimed that his goal as publisher will be “to invite intelligent discussion from all shades of opinion.”

Hume saw right through Sulzberger’s empty words and called him out on it. Responded Brit to A.G., “Note the renewed commitment to ‘all shades of opinion.’ This from the new leader of a paper with not a single columnist who supports the President. Will this publisher change that?”

Some liberals on Twitter were not pleased with Hume’s truth bomb. One answered, “Journalists aren’t supposed to “support” any POTUS – they are to report the facts. Period.”

Hume shot right back, tweeting, “That’s true of reporters but not of editorial writers and columnists whose job it is to express opinion. That’s what he means by “all shades of opinion,” which certainly are not represented in the Times today.” How much do you love Brit Hume for publicly holding the anti-Trump, liberal-biased New York Times out like this?

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