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Barack Obama has plans for a library as he recently revealed a 3D rendered model. However, there was something rather unusual in that plan.

Observers couldn’t believe their eyes. The man has spent 8 years of his life supporting Muslims and Islam and was set on making America a Muslim country or at the very least wanted to make Americans acceptive of the Islamic religion and their ways.

But the problem with that is that while Americans are accepting Islam, Islam isn’t accepting our  values or culture. The number of violent behavior in their community, and around them is more than uncanny.

This is a free country where people from diverse backgrounds are more than welcomed, but not if that comes at the expense of the safety and well-being of the American people. There is no room  for those who frown upon our principles and refuse to fit in.

Despite all these deviant acts, Obama continually kept on pushing towards the Muslim community. It’s nothing strange that he is still trying to get Americans to assimilate to Islam, even  now that he is no longer a president, and no longer has the authority to do so.

His newest undertaking is a project of a giant library that bears an awful resemblance to a mosque. This little issue arose many questions.

Why exactly does an American library look like that? Is Obama truing to project the Muslim culture on to the people with this kind of architecture?

According to the Daily Caller :
The plans for the future Obama presidential library have just been released, and they are quite progressive, to say the least.

The library is scheduled to be built in Chicago, Illinois and will be within a stone’s throw of the University of Chicago, Jackson Park and the South Shore Cultural Center. The design includes three buildings: a museum, library and forum.

The library’s design and location has been a source of controversy itself within the Chicago community. The new 3D renderings for the park — released Wednesday — will only throw fuel on that fire.

It might be worth to point out that most of Chicago’s residents have no interest in Obama, nor his library. In fact, many of them have protested the construction of the building.

They believe that it will cause a huge rent increase, and the people who now live in this region, might be forced to move out. And there is always the possibility that the people are using this gentrification problem as an excuse and in fact are worried about increased Muslim activity instead.

A report from the National Review wrote on this topic :

In May of this year, protesters began a campaign to implore the Obama Foundation, the group overseeing the library’s construction, to sign a community benefit agreement (CBA), which would commit the Foundation to setting aside jobs for residents around the library, protecting low-income housing, supporting black-owned businesses, and strengthening neighborhood schools.

The Foundation refused, and when a resident asked Obama himself to sign the agreement at a September public meeting about the library, Obama refused as well. The issue many Chicagoans take with the library isn’t simply the absent CBA or the use of park land, but the way the Foundation has steamrolled them at every stage of the process.

And it’s hard for them to ignore the irony underpinning the whole ordeal: Obama’s stated purpose for his library is to inspire visitors and locals “to make a positive change in their communities,” yet the project has already begun to alienate the very community it’s meant to change.

Perhaps the former president should for once listen to his people and stop forcing this nonsense upon them. He has a lot of work to do if he wants to salvage his legacy, and by pushing towards radical Islam, he’s not doing that any favor. However, that ship might have already sailed. Maybe Obama has already set his path.

Nevertheless, this project didn’t provoke the reaction he  was hoping for, and people in Chicago don’t want it!

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